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Friday, August 2, 2013

So, Mom, what do you think?

I almost drop my phone when I hear this, as Jennifer, now 19, doesn't ask my opinion much anymore.

After a year at college, she returns to Seattle U. in a few weeks, and a year of having her own job at Starbucks, and own $$, though she'd still rather spend mine, all said, she's rather independent now.
But she was facing an opportunity to move to another coffee shop, and wanted to know what I thought.

So I just worked through the pros and cons, and noted that she seemed really excited about this new job, which would be closer to campus, and leave her life more centered last year.

"Just what I thought, thanks mom," and then she rang off.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Twenty minutes ago, Jennifer left Auburn Senior High for the very last time. Locker cleaned out, yearbook signed, last French test completed, paintings done (I know, I helped) and word jumble done (Gary helped with that). 

Done, done and done. All she needs to do now is walk across the stage on Sunday at the Auburn High School stadium and this 12 year journey is done, and the reset button is hit for college (Seattle University). 

I've been watching the Decorah Eagles since February, I can here the 3 fledged chicks crying int he background. They are as big as their parents and calling out to them as they fly away and then come back, and fly away again. They have left the nest, almost. Mom and Dad are hanging around to call encouraging squeals, but the young eagles now have to hunt for themselves. 

Much like this summer, Jennifer will have to be learning to hunt for herself. Landing back at home, calling out, but in 10 more weeks, flying away, probably for good (I'm assuming she won't be one of those grads that will be moving in to the ol' homestead 4 years from now, but we'll see).

She was grousing that Gary and I need to get out more, and stop waiting for her to come home. Gary quipped that on Sept. 18, when she's experiencing her first days as a Redhawk, we''ll go to Hawaii for two weeks. She frowned. Yes, J, mom and dad can start leaving the nest too.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

College Chase

Okay, I thought this blog would wrap after she turned, but I guess it will do so after she leaves for college...and maybe past that.

So far, Jennifer has applied to 10 colleges (including the holy grail, Stanford) and been accepted to four- including PLU, Baylor, Willamette and U of O. Three (PLU, Willamette and Baylor) have offered scholarships. We just finished the FAFSA last night, so we'll see if we get and $$ from that. But we're not holding our breath. Being solidly middle class, we'll probably just be told to take out loans or raid our 401Ks. Neither, BTW, is happening.

But we have hope that the tuition exchange will kick in, And no matter where she ends up, Jennifer will be fine, and on that point, we've already hit the jackpot.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Moping in her room

Sometimes you just need to cry I guess. Jennifer will be 18 this fall, yet today, she crawled on my lap (more like plopped herself) to talk about her day, and then she's back in her room crying just now, because she's stressed ....and started her period. She has our old cat ginger (14 years old) to keep her company. And a kleenex box, and her texting friends to keep her company, so I'll leave her alone for now.

Monday, September 13, 2010

OK, a few more posts, this one about cars

Jennifer wants a car, and she wants it now.

When I gently remind her that she will get a car, and probably grandma's car this month (we've agreed to buy her 1999 accord for $3500) she then sulked about the color. Yes, you'll get it painted, but only after we have a look at the breaks.

And frankly, once she gets a job...she can paint it any color she wants once she gets the money in the bank.

"What, you mean you're not paying for it," she said, truly amazed. Yes, darling, welcome to almost adulthood.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

J's 17th today

She's watching Dukes of Hazard of all things, while eating her favorite pancakes that dad made for this big day.

Tonight, it's off to dinner with friends and then bowling. Dad and I are chauffeurs I guess.

Where did all the 17 years go? I'll be posting the final post in this blog tomorrow, as my alien nation girl, isn't so alien anymore.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mom,where are you right now?

J was up at the house with her b-friend (erstwhile) and wanted a ride down to Kent Station through the rain.

Mom and I had just sat down to lunch (and saw gov. gregoire sitting kitty corner from us). J asked for a snap, but I was afraid of getting tackled by  her security detail.

Anyway, we'd just sat down to lunch and I didn't want to get up (I'd been having work interrupt via my b-berry at 2 min. intervals), and dis my 82 year old mother, who was probably already ticked I'd been taking work calls in the first place.

So, Jennifer, use an umbrella or get wet. but I'm sitting here and eating my soup.