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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Covering up the grey

That's what Gary and I plan to do at 2:30 pm today, to ring in the new year with a few less grey hairs. And also, our daughter has been buggingus that we look "old" and to do something about it.

Fine. We will. But she doesn't want to sit in the hair dresser's watching us for 2 hours, so she wants us to drop her home, so she can watch "that 70s show" in peace. (having lived through the 70s, neither Gary or I can stand to watch the show, or the 21st century version of the that era).

Monday, December 29, 2008

Here is the book for godesses!

The book that landed her in a milk bath was The Girls Book on Glamour: A Guide to Being a Goddess. Not that she needs any help on this. In fact, she could prob. give me a lesson or two.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Packages are unwrapped, J taking a milk bath, like Cleopatra

You read this right.

All the packages are unwrapped, and although few yielded surprises (she picked them out herself), J still is gleaning the gifts, as she unwrapped a few from grandma today, and I bought her a book tonight. I figured, why not, so I bought her a book - 1000 things you can do to make yourself more beautiful and cool, or something that. So she quickly flipped it open, and read about Cleo taking milk baths.

So right now, I'm hearing the plumbing roaring with water in her bathroom, as she packed in 2 pints of milk. Now her complexion is perfect as far as I can tell, but oh well, as long as she's reading, I'm paying.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mom, let's go get a x-mas tree

This said at about 3:30 pm friday night as the temp was dropping and snow clouds were threatening.

Okay, fine. We usually do this with dad, but fine. We are woman. So off we go, and it takes us 3x to get up the driveway into Pfaff's x-mas tree farm in KEnt. We're not even sure if they are still open at this hour.

I finally make one more attempt in the Honda Civic to get traction on the snow, and voila, we're up. We get a saw and head out for the cheap Doug Firs, only to find out that lot looks like a Weyerhaeuser clear cut. So it's off to the more expensive trees in the front lot. Jennifer notices a blue spruce lot at $35, but I say no, it's a sin to cut down a blue spruce, so off to the frazier firs we go. And $50 later, we have one, but it takes for-ev-er to get through the base. Jennifer's not help, since she's busy snapping pictures while I'm saying some very un-Christmasy things from ground level.

We think about stuffing the tree in the trunk, but make do with stuffing it in the back of the civic and dealing with the pine needles later. Pretty little thing, and Jennifer is proud we picked it out, chopped it down and carted it home, without help from dad.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Teens nacissistic? Nah...

Just ran across this, and agree with most of it.

Snow day

I guess it's a good sign when your daughter WANTS to go to school, after taking a faux snow day yesterday (waited all day for the blizzard, only to have the snow we did see, melt). But it came back in force this am, on top of a sheet of ice that formed last night.

Then, from 6 am on, we waited, waited, waited for the Auburn School District to cancel, vs. 2 hours late, and finally about 20 minutes ago, they made the call and canceled.

So now we're thinking of maybe walking down the hill to Kent STation and Thai for lunch. Yum. If we could figure out how to get the dog to pull the sled, with the x-mas boxes we foolishly didn't send yesterday, we would.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Working from home, cruising through U tube

I'll probably be working from home tomorrow, and Jennifer will prob. be out of school, even if school's not closed, I'm not sure how I"m going to get her to Auburn Senior High from our home in Kent. Walk? In 15 degree weather. Don't think so.

I'll be writing and when I get bored, she and I will be rating YouTube videos like this:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mom I can't find my makeup!

I suppose I'm to blame for this.

I who won't go out of the house without hair washed and styled, and makeup on.

"You're just going to Target," my hubby will remark incredulously.

Yeah, but you never know who you're going to see at Target, do you? I snap back.

So at 15, it wasn't the snow that was delaying us getting out of the house this morning, but the fact Jennifer couldn't find her makeup bag, anywhere. In the car, in the trunk, on the side of the couch where she sits doing homework and watching tv (I know, I know) and in her bathroom or our bathroom, nada.

So we set out not only to stop by Starbucks on a a 2-hour late school day, but to Top Foods as well, to buy $50 worth of makeup. I told her it was coming out of the allowance and the quarter piggy bank we throw all our change into. She shrugged, as she quickly applied makeup in the TF bathroom. It was worth it to her.

Speaking of 15 year olds with with way too much talent, here is the latest from one 15 year old who is becoming a celeb on flickr.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wishing for snow

That's what my daughter and I have been doing for the last week, and now we have it. Only about an inch ,but it came with a cold wind, so walking outside is painful.

My hubby, meanwhile, is grumping on what this will do to his workplace commute. Always practical. We're still wishing for snow.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Raising your daughter right, and keeping your mouth shut

Attended a Christmas party this weekend where the issue of raising daughters and God came up.

Unless you live under a rock, no doubt you've heard about the bruhaha down in Olympia about the Christmas tree, menorah and the atheists. Thanks to rush, the entire nation now knows about our little festivus display. Now there's some group from Kansas that wants to put up a decoration that if you believe in Santa, you're going to hell. Why can't they go pester their own capital building?

We were talking about that, gathered around the kitchen of this Ballard house, and then Obama's name came up, and we all agreed, thank goodness he became president. Then a longtime friend talked about a friend of a friend whose daughter was for Obama and an atheist.

"I told her she raised that kid right!" Liz said.

My daughter, who was with me at the Christmas party shot me a warning glance, with a little bit a pleading in it to keep my mouth shut.

We were both Clintonistas, and then switched to Obama, and yes, she believes in God. I take credit in that, and believe, Gary and I have done a pretty good job of raising her. But JEnnifer obv. did not want to be put forth as an example of raising your kid "right" and having them believe in God too.

So I just laughed and let it drop.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I hate being a mediator sometime

She was in a bad mood last night, as he took her home from the b-ball game early to finish off her homework. Complaining all the other friends were staying, she then wanted to stop at Taco Bell, to which he said no.

They both came in the door in a bad mood, and then Jennifer promptly declared there was nothing to eat in the entire house. Soup? no Veggies? nixed. I offered to heat up some healthy choice meal, no to that too.

Gary's fuse finally reached his end, and he told her to starve then, but she had to finish her homework before she went to bed. They then ended up growling at each other up and down the hall, until I finally stepped in the middle, when some of the comments were straying off the reservation and told each of them to go to bed. They then turned on me.

To his ultimate credit, Gary later apologized to Jennifer for some of his comments but stuck by his remarks on her turning snarky every time things didn't go her way. I totally support him on this, but told him NOT to snap my head off next time I try to send folks to corners. Jennifer sulked the rest of the night and still wasnt' in the best mood this am. Teenagers and husbands. Sometimes I think I need a vacation from both.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Do you let them sink or swim?

That was the thought coming through my mind, as I received this frantic call from my daughter. The permission slip that I had signed, to let her play sports, lay first on the table, forgetten, and then quickly snatched up by me as I left the house.

It rested in the back seat of the car at PLU. She needed it to play on the C team at Auburn Senior High tonight. So I ran it up to the school, only to see the poor C team lose 15 to 50 against Enumclaw (who I might add, seem to have many girls on their team who seem to be sophomores).

So at what point, I ask, do you let their lack of .... planning ..come back to bite them in the butt? 15? 16? 18? I see the results of those that are rescued at every turn when I look at some of my sister in laws. Spoiled, and past 50. So I don't want that for her, but I did want to see her play in her first game.