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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Do you let them sink or swim?

That was the thought coming through my mind, as I received this frantic call from my daughter. The permission slip that I had signed, to let her play sports, lay first on the table, forgetten, and then quickly snatched up by me as I left the house.

It rested in the back seat of the car at PLU. She needed it to play on the C team at Auburn Senior High tonight. So I ran it up to the school, only to see the poor C team lose 15 to 50 against Enumclaw (who I might add, seem to have many girls on their team who seem to be sophomores).

So at what point, I ask, do you let their lack of .... planning ..come back to bite them in the butt? 15? 16? 18? I see the results of those that are rescued at every turn when I look at some of my sister in laws. Spoiled, and past 50. So I don't want that for her, but I did want to see her play in her first game.

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