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Monday, December 15, 2008

Mom I can't find my makeup!

I suppose I'm to blame for this.

I who won't go out of the house without hair washed and styled, and makeup on.

"You're just going to Target," my hubby will remark incredulously.

Yeah, but you never know who you're going to see at Target, do you? I snap back.

So at 15, it wasn't the snow that was delaying us getting out of the house this morning, but the fact Jennifer couldn't find her makeup bag, anywhere. In the car, in the trunk, on the side of the couch where she sits doing homework and watching tv (I know, I know) and in her bathroom or our bathroom, nada.

So we set out not only to stop by Starbucks on a a 2-hour late school day, but to Top Foods as well, to buy $50 worth of makeup. I told her it was coming out of the allowance and the quarter piggy bank we throw all our change into. She shrugged, as she quickly applied makeup in the TF bathroom. It was worth it to her.

Speaking of 15 year olds with with way too much talent, here is the latest from one 15 year old who is becoming a celeb on flickr.

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