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Monday, September 29, 2008

So, are we going doe?

I asked the other day about Bruce (got the name wrong in the last post) and was summarily told : Don't ask.

So, no more date to the prom. But now, she's considering going with about five girlfriends who don't have dates either. Would we still buy her a dress.

Defnitely. I often felt that girls on a night out would have more fun anyway.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Homecoming? Can I go?

Those were the first words out of Jennifer's mouth yesterday as I picked her up from v-ball practice.

"Well, someone's asked you, I assume?"

Well, no. Not yet, anyway.

Apparently Edward had text'd (word?) one of her bf's to see if she knew whether if asked, Jennifer would say yes. Which of course she would. But I'm not sure if that message got back to her or Edward.

Anyway, now she wants a dress, a silver one please, for when Edward does get around to asking.

At this point, I had to start talking about ground rules:

We have to meet the boy first.

No going as a group date with other teens, the driver of which just turned 17.

And if the parents drive (and we don't), we have to meet them too, or at least have a phone conversation.

Jennifer rolled her eyes, but she agreed. If only to get a shot at that silver dress.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sorry about the gap

But it's been a week of death (my cousin's hubby at 43) and still working two jobs while I'm hiring another reporter.

I think Jennfer mourned Jeff's death, but she was bothered by her grief experienced by her cousins. She offered to cancel her b-day party to go up and help on Saturday, but I waived her off. We'll be going up Friday for the funeral, which is the first one she's been to since her grandmother died 3 years ago.

It will be interesting to see how she does.

Monday, September 15, 2008

To ER or not to ER?

That's what I was debating over the phone as I listened to a voice mail message from my hubby (my cell had died at work on Friday) that Jennifer had fallen down a flight of stairs at school, could I call the doc for an appointment?

Sooo, does this mean, broken (fill in the blank), a concussion, bruised or simply scratched up?

Called back to find out that she'd fallen up some bleachers (had her hands full of volley ball stuff) and couldn't catch herself. So she'd fallen on her ear. No bleeding out of said ear, but it looked pretty bad.

In the end, we decided NOT to wait the mandatory 6 hours in the ER to be told to go put it on ice. And it turned out okay. But I did note that we didn't have to talk too hard to get her to ditch the school dance on Friday.

I was grateful, in a dirty little secret sort of way, that my cell had died. Since it didn't turn out to be anything serious, and I got the message after all the work stuff was essentially done, for once, it wasn't me that was dropping everything to play wonder woman. That was GAry's job on Friday.

Hillary fans gotta watch this

Jennifer and I lapped it up.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Have you hugged your kid today?

Even if they are snarly, sarcastic and refusing to do their chores.

Mine just uninvited me to an Auburn High School soccer game. But I don't mind, she chattered on about how boys are pigs (they eat alot and anything) and about some kids from one middle school "just won't shut up." She had me check out her face this am, to make sure cover up was on all the right pimples, and asked if the blue top or the green worked with the white flip flops.

All this stuff 3,000 people, plus their familes, the everyday chatter, will never see again, at least on this side of the veil for the last seven years. I was in DC when the plane hit the Pentagon, which I noted with some satisfaction, is the only site of the attacks that got its act together and got a memorial up. Jennifer was terrified I wasn't coming back, I was terrified I lost my brother in law, I wasn't sure that the attacks had stopped.

But now, seven years later, on a day much like that one, absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful, I noticed the moon tonight, the way the sun beams through the grass and the sunflowers, and the crow commute up the Kent Valley.

But mostly, I notice my daughter, now seven years and a lifetime older, and I give thanks.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Presidential candidates and still wishing for Hillary

A eager campaigner showed up at our doorstep this weekend, asking if we'd made up our mind on who to vote for in the November presidential election.

Without missing a beat, Gary, trying to hold our slobbery dog back, and balancing a fistfull of gardening tools, said "Yep, Obama." My daughter called out for the kitchen, which she was supposed to be cleaning up "But we wish is was Hillary."

"Should I follow him down the street and tell him why," she grinned.

I told her that harassment of campaigners would not be allowed, unless it's someone trying to get us to vote for Palin (not McCain mind you, I really don't have much argument from him, but Palin). She agreed with me, and couldn't quite believe that John M. thought that having any woman on the ticket would do. Especially one where they think nothing of shooting anything that's not livestock, as this New York Times blog post notes.

She's obviously anti-abortion, and Jennifer and I are staunchly pro-choice. She likes shooting critters, any critter apparently, and loves the NRA. Hates enviros, such as J and I, and I guess the unforgivable sin for both of us was when she dragged her pregnant daughter onto the stage, along with that poor 17 year old boy.

I believe that women can have it all, but not at the same time. And being a mother of five under age kids and gov.....well something's got to give, and in this case, it was the kids. If for some reason she was pro-choice, well closet pro-choice given the R party, and and enviro, again closet, and didn't relish shooting wolves from airplanes, I might consider.

But dragging those two kids on stage simply was the final straw, from both J and myself. We quickly clicked out and tuned into "That 70s Show."

Friday, September 5, 2008

Beginnings and endings

Haven't posted in awhile, but frankly, I"ve been exhausted.

End of summer, start of school, and not only that, the start of 9th grade, HIGH SCHOOL, for Jennifer. She had her entire week's clothes planned out last Sunday night across the living room couch. Complete with shoes and jewelry. Her father took her the first day, to arrive precisely at 7:45 am, where a friend would be waiting to walk with her to her locker.

Instructions to dad: No hugging, no honking or waving goodbye. For heavens sake, don't get out of the car or acknowledge your daughter in any way. Don't say "Have a good day grumpy cheeks" or any other of your pet names for her.

Anyway, first day good. And today was her 15th b-day. So we took two or her friends out to the mall, but first to dinner, where they chattered like magpies at the end of the table, and refused to let us join their conversation, as they compared their first week of school.

As Gary headed home, I took them to the mall.

"Mom, you're not going to come with us are you," J. asked, as I made to tag along with.

Okay fine, pick me up at the book store in an hour. Answer your cell when I call.