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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Presidential candidates and still wishing for Hillary

A eager campaigner showed up at our doorstep this weekend, asking if we'd made up our mind on who to vote for in the November presidential election.

Without missing a beat, Gary, trying to hold our slobbery dog back, and balancing a fistfull of gardening tools, said "Yep, Obama." My daughter called out for the kitchen, which she was supposed to be cleaning up "But we wish is was Hillary."

"Should I follow him down the street and tell him why," she grinned.

I told her that harassment of campaigners would not be allowed, unless it's someone trying to get us to vote for Palin (not McCain mind you, I really don't have much argument from him, but Palin). She agreed with me, and couldn't quite believe that John M. thought that having any woman on the ticket would do. Especially one where they think nothing of shooting anything that's not livestock, as this New York Times blog post notes.

She's obviously anti-abortion, and Jennifer and I are staunchly pro-choice. She likes shooting critters, any critter apparently, and loves the NRA. Hates enviros, such as J and I, and I guess the unforgivable sin for both of us was when she dragged her pregnant daughter onto the stage, along with that poor 17 year old boy.

I believe that women can have it all, but not at the same time. And being a mother of five under age kids and gov.....well something's got to give, and in this case, it was the kids. If for some reason she was pro-choice, well closet pro-choice given the R party, and and enviro, again closet, and didn't relish shooting wolves from airplanes, I might consider.

But dragging those two kids on stage simply was the final straw, from both J and myself. We quickly clicked out and tuned into "That 70s Show."

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