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Friday, September 5, 2008

Beginnings and endings

Haven't posted in awhile, but frankly, I"ve been exhausted.

End of summer, start of school, and not only that, the start of 9th grade, HIGH SCHOOL, for Jennifer. She had her entire week's clothes planned out last Sunday night across the living room couch. Complete with shoes and jewelry. Her father took her the first day, to arrive precisely at 7:45 am, where a friend would be waiting to walk with her to her locker.

Instructions to dad: No hugging, no honking or waving goodbye. For heavens sake, don't get out of the car or acknowledge your daughter in any way. Don't say "Have a good day grumpy cheeks" or any other of your pet names for her.

Anyway, first day good. And today was her 15th b-day. So we took two or her friends out to the mall, but first to dinner, where they chattered like magpies at the end of the table, and refused to let us join their conversation, as they compared their first week of school.

As Gary headed home, I took them to the mall.

"Mom, you're not going to come with us are you," J. asked, as I made to tag along with.

Okay fine, pick me up at the book store in an hour. Answer your cell when I call.

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