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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Have you hugged your kid today?

Even if they are snarly, sarcastic and refusing to do their chores.

Mine just uninvited me to an Auburn High School soccer game. But I don't mind, she chattered on about how boys are pigs (they eat alot and anything) and about some kids from one middle school "just won't shut up." She had me check out her face this am, to make sure cover up was on all the right pimples, and asked if the blue top or the green worked with the white flip flops.

All this stuff 3,000 people, plus their familes, the everyday chatter, will never see again, at least on this side of the veil for the last seven years. I was in DC when the plane hit the Pentagon, which I noted with some satisfaction, is the only site of the attacks that got its act together and got a memorial up. Jennifer was terrified I wasn't coming back, I was terrified I lost my brother in law, I wasn't sure that the attacks had stopped.

But now, seven years later, on a day much like that one, absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful, I noticed the moon tonight, the way the sun beams through the grass and the sunflowers, and the crow commute up the Kent Valley.

But mostly, I notice my daughter, now seven years and a lifetime older, and I give thanks.

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