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Monday, September 29, 2008

So, are we going doe?

I asked the other day about Bruce (got the name wrong in the last post) and was summarily told : Don't ask.

So, no more date to the prom. But now, she's considering going with about five girlfriends who don't have dates either. Would we still buy her a dress.

Defnitely. I often felt that girls on a night out would have more fun anyway.


MommyCheryl said...

Edward, Bruce, they're all the same at this age...

Anyway, we were at Olive Garden last weekend (I know, I know) and saw a group of girls outside in prom dresses. We figured the boys were somewhere doing boy stuff, but no -- the girls were there going doe as you say. Honestly, they looked to be having way more fun than any of the dozens of other prom-going groups WITH dates that I've seen in restaurants over the years.

Steph and I talked about how much more fun prom would be without the agony of all the pressure that goes with a "big date." And we decided that when it's our boys' turn, we'll put spending limits on prom dates -- but make it much higher if they are going with girls they've been dating for a while and are "in love with." Because proms as first or even second dates are just never as much fun as they cost.

Barbara Clements said...

Well, it's a go, and yes, she plans to dress up. They are wondering if they (read parents) have enough $$ to rent a limo. Oh, why not.

Apparently quite a few guys are going stag. So, I"m picturing this now, group of girls in one corner, group of guys in another. Both eying each other like a pack of ...what?

I wouldn't be surprised if the girls match over and ask the guys first.