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Friday, August 29, 2008

Is it a tall person's world?

"Mom, I'm short.l Why can't a I be tall like you?"

Those were the words coming out of Jennifer, between sobs, as we lay on my bed earlier this week at about 10 pm. I was just going to sleep, when Jennifer came in, stated she wanted to talk, and laid on top on me, to make sure I was awake.

Alright, already, I'm awake. They had just had the last day of tryouts for the volleyball team, and no , she wasn't going to get on the varsity or jv team - as some of her taller classmates had - but she did have hopes for the "c" team, which are usually all freshman. But what if she didn't get on that team? What if she got on the lame fourth team, which are the players that would otherwise be cut? What if she was too short to get on any team?

You get the gist of the conversation.

I really didn't know what to tell her. Gary and I had both encouraged her to go try out for soccer, where speed matters (which she has) and not volleyball where they usually favor the tall kids. Oh and she's trying out for basketball instead of swimming this winter, and not softball in the spring.

In middle school, tallness really didn't matter, since the kids where all over the place in their growth spurts. But now, in high school, and a large high school at that, it does matter, and the coaches for both the v-ball and b-ball teams will be looking for the tall ones.

Jennifer, tho she has a killer serve, is 5 foot 2 inches, and probably will be that for the rest of her life (I'm 5.8 or 5.9).So, what to tell her.

I think I came out with something like "we'll be proud no matter what team you're on" or something my sleep fogged brain could tape together. But I'm not sure it helped. And I'm not sure these conversations are going to get any easier.

I just hope she gives soccer a try next year.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I think I'll wait until the weekend to buy this

That was the comment coming out Jennifer's mouth at Hollister's yesterday, just after she received $100 as a b-day present from grandma.

Now, you might think this is evidence of self restraint. Not quite. I'd already promised to take her school shopping, up to about $200, which doesn't include shoes, this weekend once I got paid. So, wheels turning here, she's hoping I'll buy the top and the sweater she was drooling over on Tuesday.

I told her no. I'll buy that sweater, she's buying that top. That set off a bout of pouting, until she realized that I wouldn't budge. Anyone else out there care to comment on school clothes shopping guidelines for a 15 year old.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Walking ATM at your service

Today, Jennifer registered for classes at Auburn Senior High. And it was like going to Disneyland. Stand in a lot of lines, pay a lot of $$. There were lines for ASB, yearbook, PTSA, PE lockers, which were respectively $45, $75, $30 and $5. And oh yeah, pictures, $30 please.

And of course she had to have a new pair of jeans (for registration?) and pick just the right top. When she finally got her class schedule, she quickly found her friends and started comparing. There are one or two in every class, it seems. But none in French, in which she might be the only freshman.

We were going to get her sports card, but then I opened up my big mouth and said yes, she's had a physical, but no the doc hadn't signed her report. Nope, no card for you. My daughter glares. I decide I'm going to forge the stupid signature(after waiting about an hour) and take it back, but then my honest Abe hubby tells me no, that could get us in trouble.

I'm still considering.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Please tell me you've dumped this guy

Was at the racetrack with Gary and Jennifer Sunday, on comp tickets Gary received from a pr firm.

Felt a little conspicuous as I was in jeans, and the rest of the women in dresses or fashionable shorts, as was my daughter. But we did meet up with some sane, and not rich, folks later, and the mom pulled me aside to say that the love interest of J. did indeed have another girlfriend. (This from her son, who is friend of said two-timer).

So I took a deep breath and broke it to Jennifer this evening. She gave me a blank stare.

"I knew that, and I've sent me an angry text, and told him I didn't want to see or speak to him again. He wasn't that cute anyway."

You mean would have tolerated this if he was?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Can't wait until she gets a car

First, let me set this straight. I love working at my job. But when my boss told me I have to keep more regular, and less flex time hours, I was first stunned, then busy trying to figure out what to do.

Right now, I'm praying for a zero-hour class, that begins at 7 am. I'm to work by 7:30 am, out at 3:30 pm and she gets picked up after (fill in the blank here) practice. If that doesn't happen, here's plan b. Find a sympathetic mom willing to let me drop my kid off at 7 am, and repeat the same senario as above.

It will work better than trying to find after car, which for some reason, just doesn't seem to work most of the time (it did last year, but only because her bf's mom was very sympathetic.)

Didn't every believe I'd say this, but can't wait for that all important driver's license.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

You mean we're talking about a real guy?

Jennifer and I were walking around the block last night, her beggging to get a car on her 16th, and threatening to get an "older" boyfriend who can drive if we don't.

I banned her getting anyone that is 17 or18 next year, and she comes back with "well, he's not that old."

Okay, who?

It's Seth, a boy she met at a party (chaperoned of course) and he'll have his driver's license next year. Great. It's not the one at the party that was bragging about killing a frog?

No, mom, I wouldn't date a guy like that.

Anyway, still figuring out how Jennifer will get back and forth from school next year, and haven't quite come up with a plan.

FYi, this newsweek article is pretty good about having "the talk" with your tween or teen.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Getting a teenager to do chores, and other thankless tasks

Jennifer was supposed to water Gary's orchids yesterday.

She didn't, and sheepishly admitted the omission when dad came home last night. She promised to do it if I cleared away the spider webs from the faucet (what spider webs?) and as I got up to chase away phantom webs, she and gary got into a mock wrestling match. She got her finger kinked the wrong way, got miffed and refused to water said plants. Gary got mad and said he water the ((*& plants and stalked off toward the green house. Oy.

So I've left a list of chores for her to do today, or else she's going to lose her texting privileges. Clean up her bathroom, vacuum the rug, and water the damn orchids.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Velour is back, and so am I. I'm just not as pricey.

And for $95, on sale, you too can have a juicy couture velour jacket. I'm just back from a business trip, and apparently, while I was gone, several attempts were made to get dear ol' dad to buy this item.

Fortunately, this time, he held his guns. Not that Jennifer and Gary didn't have fun with the checkbook while I was gone on a a business trip to Iowa-lots of corn, soy and Lutherans, which is why I was there at this conference to represent PLU.

They bought her a new mattress, a new shirt, G. got some new shoes and an orchid and they went and saw a movie or two.

"You did leave enough for the bills, right?" I asked.

I was assured, yes indeedee, there is enough for the mortgage, car et al.

And enough for the JC jacket, Jennifer chimes in hopefully.