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Saturday, August 9, 2008

You mean we're talking about a real guy?

Jennifer and I were walking around the block last night, her beggging to get a car on her 16th, and threatening to get an "older" boyfriend who can drive if we don't.

I banned her getting anyone that is 17 or18 next year, and she comes back with "well, he's not that old."

Okay, who?

It's Seth, a boy she met at a party (chaperoned of course) and he'll have his driver's license next year. Great. It's not the one at the party that was bragging about killing a frog?

No, mom, I wouldn't date a guy like that.

Anyway, still figuring out how Jennifer will get back and forth from school next year, and haven't quite come up with a plan.

FYi, this newsweek article is pretty good about having "the talk" with your tween or teen.


MommyCheryl said...

Chas, at age 5, is already prepared to pop the question to a little girl from his preschool class. One night we were talking about what it meant to get married and start a family and the boys wanted to know who they would marry. We said when they meet someone they love and want to be a family with forever, that's who they would marry. "Well, I really love Temple a lot," Chas said. "So I'm going to marry her."

So I'm going to have to be careful about the birds and bees because clearly, once he knows how stuff works, he's gonna be ready to try it...

Barbara Clements said...

Fortunately, Jennifer's not in the mood to marry anyone right now.But I know what you mean.