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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Free throws and Heathcliff

Jennifer is now trying to make 300 free throws to raise $$ for the b-ball booster club. Tho how much of that the C team will ever see is questionable. (they have the rattiest of uniforms).

On the way to that event this am, she starts talking about Wuthering Heights again and HOW MUCH SHE LOVES THAT BOOK.

She's started underlining her favorite parts (including the line used in Twilight) and starts asking me about my favorite paragraphs. Umm, haven't read that book in about 5 years darling, prompt my memory.

To which she obliges and it starts to come back. She wants to show me this one paragraph when she gets home that she loves, even more than parts of GWTW, which is saying something.

I suggested The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. The ending of that book is simply magical, IMO.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Actually, everyone was fairly civil

Especially when compared with the poor guy who was killed in NYC during a WalMart opening. Jennifer and I decided NOT to be insane this year, so we got up at 5:45 am, rather than 3 am, and headed out around 7 am, then down to kent station (only bath and body works was open, the rest of the fools didn't think it worth the effort to open the doors at 7 am), and then on to the mall and Kohls.

We ended up standing in a jewelry line for about an hour, and made some new best friends, as we held each other's place, and checked out the sales. The only probably is, after awhile, I get cranky and start putting stuff back, which I'm pretty sure is not what the store had in mind.

I was actually proud of my daughter when she looked at some $100 boots at Macy's and decided they were too expensive and passed. Maybe it was in reward for that I bought her a $100 necklace for x-mas (marked down from $450 !!!) and we bought most of our stuff at 50 to 80 percent mark down.

I'm working on the mantra "never pay full retail for anything" and hope to drill it into head along side the brainwashing of "you will go to college," and "you won't get pregnant until you wish to be."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Compliments, when are they creepy?

That was buzzing through my mind this am, as I was driving Jennifer to school.

A 20-something in a pickup truck rolled down his window, and seemed to want to talk to us as we were pulling up to 15th St, one of Auburn's main roads. Thinking he was wanting directions, J. obliged, although my spidey sense was tingling at this time. He just said, she was really beautiful, rolled up his window and drove on.

My daughter looked stunned, and then quickly flipped down the vanity mirror to check herself out. I chuckled. And then said a prayer the guy wasn't a stalker around the school.

When I was 18 or so, a similar thing happened to me in LA, when I was visiting my brother. Guys whistled at me, while we were in the car, to which my bro put his arm protectively around me, and flipped them off.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight: Not quite a waste of time...but

That was my initial response as I arrived home at 1 a.m. this morning from a late night showing of the film with Jennifer and her friends. It was okay, tho the jury is out on whether "Edward's" character can act. (He did sooo well in the HP this is puzzling)

Also, it seemed like the lines were too "delivered" for my taste. Even Jennifer noticed that it seems like the actors were always struggling to get them out. Nevertheless, the movie theater was full, mostly of moms and teenage girls, and they all were riveted. And probably counting down the days to movie #2 in the series, which is already underway.

And finally, all I have to do is look over at J. now reading Wuthering Heights. As I say, the book series is a gateway drug to better things.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

An all twilight weekend

I've heard on the QT from a reviewer (on my facebook page, actually) that the movie ain't too good.

But I doubt all the girls that flock to the first movie from the Twilight series will care. It's all about love and vampires. They are already working on movie #2 I'm told.

And I look at these books as a gateway drug. Jennifer's already moved on to Wuthering Heights. Yeah!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

J's friends make pilgrimage to Forks

We warned them this would be a long drive, but they didn't listen. So they braved the twisted roads out there today, so see the house, to see the cars, to see the doc at the hospital who REALLY is named Cullen.

And apparently 6 hours in a car for a wonderful tour of forks was worth it. J's going to have to wait to see Twilight until Saturday, I think, given b-ball practice, a football game and her dad saying no way to the midnight showing.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Twilight, all the time

For the last several months, my daughter has be forgoing TV, movies, almost anything else but reading the Twilight series. I'll give her credit, she finished the last book last night. At first she wanted to go to Southcenter, at 4 a.m with all the other teen girls and wait for a chance to see Jacob and crew.

I said "no way." Not going to stand in line for hours, for the chance for Jacob, not even the top tier cast, to sign a poster. But I will be taking her to the movie next Thursday, or Friday, at midnight for the first showing. And she will be going to school the next day, three hours or not.
Here is some of the day, this Monday, on the Seattle Times Web page. I also heard that there was a riot and broken nose at the San Fran event, where Edward showed up. Glad I wasn't there.

Here is a great spoof of the series, by my friend Martha B. from her facebook page.

Pictures from Summit Entertainment Web page.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Old Fat Naked Women for Justice

After we both laughed, Jennifer forbid me from joining this group, at least as an active, I'm on camera member.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama declared the next president, Jennifer decides not to watch reruns

I've been telling her for an hour now, that she can watch a tivo'd Ghost Whisperer is she wishes. But to my surprise, she's stuck with the ABC and CNN channels, watching the election returns. They've just picked Obama as the next president 4 minutes ago, and she's texting madly.

It's nice to see her so involved. If he's smart, and I believe he is, he'll appoint Hillary to the supreme court, and maybe put McCain in his cabinet. I like McCain, as does Jennifer. It's just his dimwit running mate we couldnt' stand.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Another Halloween gone

And Jennifer didn't even trick or treat this time.

Instead, she left me with the little munchins (who nearly snatched all our candy), and left for a football game with her dad, and then on to sleep over where she and three of her buddies scared herself to death watching The Omen, or maybe The Ring, until 3 am the next day.

We had to decompress by watching Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein, which despite my misgivings, was pretty good.

Sigh. On to Thanksgiving.