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Friday, November 28, 2008

Actually, everyone was fairly civil

Especially when compared with the poor guy who was killed in NYC during a WalMart opening. Jennifer and I decided NOT to be insane this year, so we got up at 5:45 am, rather than 3 am, and headed out around 7 am, then down to kent station (only bath and body works was open, the rest of the fools didn't think it worth the effort to open the doors at 7 am), and then on to the mall and Kohls.

We ended up standing in a jewelry line for about an hour, and made some new best friends, as we held each other's place, and checked out the sales. The only probably is, after awhile, I get cranky and start putting stuff back, which I'm pretty sure is not what the store had in mind.

I was actually proud of my daughter when she looked at some $100 boots at Macy's and decided they were too expensive and passed. Maybe it was in reward for that I bought her a $100 necklace for x-mas (marked down from $450 !!!) and we bought most of our stuff at 50 to 80 percent mark down.

I'm working on the mantra "never pay full retail for anything" and hope to drill it into head along side the brainwashing of "you will go to college," and "you won't get pregnant until you wish to be."

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