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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Twilight, all the time

For the last several months, my daughter has be forgoing TV, movies, almost anything else but reading the Twilight series. I'll give her credit, she finished the last book last night. At first she wanted to go to Southcenter, at 4 a.m with all the other teen girls and wait for a chance to see Jacob and crew.

I said "no way." Not going to stand in line for hours, for the chance for Jacob, not even the top tier cast, to sign a poster. But I will be taking her to the movie next Thursday, or Friday, at midnight for the first showing. And she will be going to school the next day, three hours or not.
Here is some of the day, this Monday, on the Seattle Times Web page. I also heard that there was a riot and broken nose at the San Fran event, where Edward showed up. Glad I wasn't there.

Here is a great spoof of the series, by my friend Martha B. from her facebook page.

Pictures from Summit Entertainment Web page.

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