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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Velour is back, and so am I. I'm just not as pricey.

And for $95, on sale, you too can have a juicy couture velour jacket. I'm just back from a business trip, and apparently, while I was gone, several attempts were made to get dear ol' dad to buy this item.

Fortunately, this time, he held his guns. Not that Jennifer and Gary didn't have fun with the checkbook while I was gone on a a business trip to Iowa-lots of corn, soy and Lutherans, which is why I was there at this conference to represent PLU.

They bought her a new mattress, a new shirt, G. got some new shoes and an orchid and they went and saw a movie or two.

"You did leave enough for the bills, right?" I asked.

I was assured, yes indeedee, there is enough for the mortgage, car et al.

And enough for the JC jacket, Jennifer chimes in hopefully.


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