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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Walking ATM at your service

Today, Jennifer registered for classes at Auburn Senior High. And it was like going to Disneyland. Stand in a lot of lines, pay a lot of $$. There were lines for ASB, yearbook, PTSA, PE lockers, which were respectively $45, $75, $30 and $5. And oh yeah, pictures, $30 please.

And of course she had to have a new pair of jeans (for registration?) and pick just the right top. When she finally got her class schedule, she quickly found her friends and started comparing. There are one or two in every class, it seems. But none in French, in which she might be the only freshman.

We were going to get her sports card, but then I opened up my big mouth and said yes, she's had a physical, but no the doc hadn't signed her report. Nope, no card for you. My daughter glares. I decide I'm going to forge the stupid signature(after waiting about an hour) and take it back, but then my honest Abe hubby tells me no, that could get us in trouble.

I'm still considering.


MommyCheryl said...

LOL. That reminds me of a story from many moons ago. My parents worked for the Salvation Army and every year they send poor kids to a camp. Well, this year they decided that all campers had to have a physical and have a form signed off by a doctor. Remember, these are poor kids. Very poor kids in the days before schools required such things as physicals.

My mom looked at the stack of campers' forms missing the physician signatures and knew she had only one choice. That year many, many children attended camp with physical forms signed -- quite illegibly -- by Dr. Joe Blow.

Barbara Clements said...

I've decided to forge the signature, and then get a real one later. They won't let her try out for volleyball without it.

Gary's still frowning, and I'm becoming petulant. Jennifer, actually, came up with the solution of getting the doc to sign another later, and then if anyone calls, the answer at the doc's office would be yes, I signed it.

It just wouldn't be the one in the school files.

MommyCheryl said...

Oooh. Watch out. That girl of yours is smart. Maybe too smart for YOUR own good.... That said, I think it's a brilliant plan.