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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Covering up the grey

That's what Gary and I plan to do at 2:30 pm today, to ring in the new year with a few less grey hairs. And also, our daughter has been buggingus that we look "old" and to do something about it.

Fine. We will. But she doesn't want to sit in the hair dresser's watching us for 2 hours, so she wants us to drop her home, so she can watch "that 70s show" in peace. (having lived through the 70s, neither Gary or I can stand to watch the show, or the 21st century version of the that era).


MommyCheryl said...

What? No picture posted? Come on, now! We want to see the results!

Barbara Clements said...

Unf, well maybe fortunately, I don't have any before pics, just snarky comments from the daughter on the grey.

I'll post a pic either here or on my facebook account. Stay tuned.