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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Raising your daughter right, and keeping your mouth shut

Attended a Christmas party this weekend where the issue of raising daughters and God came up.

Unless you live under a rock, no doubt you've heard about the bruhaha down in Olympia about the Christmas tree, menorah and the atheists. Thanks to rush, the entire nation now knows about our little festivus display. Now there's some group from Kansas that wants to put up a decoration that if you believe in Santa, you're going to hell. Why can't they go pester their own capital building?

We were talking about that, gathered around the kitchen of this Ballard house, and then Obama's name came up, and we all agreed, thank goodness he became president. Then a longtime friend talked about a friend of a friend whose daughter was for Obama and an atheist.

"I told her she raised that kid right!" Liz said.

My daughter, who was with me at the Christmas party shot me a warning glance, with a little bit a pleading in it to keep my mouth shut.

We were both Clintonistas, and then switched to Obama, and yes, she believes in God. I take credit in that, and believe, Gary and I have done a pretty good job of raising her. But JEnnifer obv. did not want to be put forth as an example of raising your kid "right" and having them believe in God too.

So I just laughed and let it drop.

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