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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mom, let's go get a x-mas tree

This said at about 3:30 pm friday night as the temp was dropping and snow clouds were threatening.

Okay, fine. We usually do this with dad, but fine. We are woman. So off we go, and it takes us 3x to get up the driveway into Pfaff's x-mas tree farm in KEnt. We're not even sure if they are still open at this hour.

I finally make one more attempt in the Honda Civic to get traction on the snow, and voila, we're up. We get a saw and head out for the cheap Doug Firs, only to find out that lot looks like a Weyerhaeuser clear cut. So it's off to the more expensive trees in the front lot. Jennifer notices a blue spruce lot at $35, but I say no, it's a sin to cut down a blue spruce, so off to the frazier firs we go. And $50 later, we have one, but it takes for-ev-er to get through the base. Jennifer's not help, since she's busy snapping pictures while I'm saying some very un-Christmasy things from ground level.

We think about stuffing the tree in the trunk, but make do with stuffing it in the back of the civic and dealing with the pine needles later. Pretty little thing, and Jennifer is proud we picked it out, chopped it down and carted it home, without help from dad.

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