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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I hate being a mediator sometime

She was in a bad mood last night, as he took her home from the b-ball game early to finish off her homework. Complaining all the other friends were staying, she then wanted to stop at Taco Bell, to which he said no.

They both came in the door in a bad mood, and then Jennifer promptly declared there was nothing to eat in the entire house. Soup? no Veggies? nixed. I offered to heat up some healthy choice meal, no to that too.

Gary's fuse finally reached his end, and he told her to starve then, but she had to finish her homework before she went to bed. They then ended up growling at each other up and down the hall, until I finally stepped in the middle, when some of the comments were straying off the reservation and told each of them to go to bed. They then turned on me.

To his ultimate credit, Gary later apologized to Jennifer for some of his comments but stuck by his remarks on her turning snarky every time things didn't go her way. I totally support him on this, but told him NOT to snap my head off next time I try to send folks to corners. Jennifer sulked the rest of the night and still wasnt' in the best mood this am. Teenagers and husbands. Sometimes I think I need a vacation from both.

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