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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mom, those people next to us are mean

This is what J. whispered in my ear as we attended our caucus meeting today at Kent Elementary.

The parking lot was packed. We ended up in the old baseball field in back. The gym was filed with at least 600 people jammed around tables according to the precinct they belonged to. We finally found ours, and the 18 of us (most from one street over from where we live), tried to figure out what next.

It was obvious that Obama was going to carry this. Of the 18, only 4 were for Hilary and one man remained firmly undecided.

I ended up speaking for Hilary, and yes ended up as a delegate for the next step up on March 11. While we figured out who had to declare what and use a table to figure out how many delegates Obama vs. Hilary had, J. went browsing around the tables, to see how the rest were doing.

That's when she came back with the news we were a pretty mellow group. (Well, after all this is over, we still attend parties together, watch each other's house, return a dog that has gotten out of a fence.)

Then there was the group right behind us. Apparently the Obamaites wanted the Clintonites gone, and pretty much ordered them out of the building. Okay. Really wouldn't want to be at the next night out against crime street party with this group.


MommyCheryl said...

Yikes. Politics does bring out the nasty in everyone, doesn't it? I was stunned by the open sexism at play. I heard that we can't elect a president because the rest of the world wouldn't respect her,and that really, we were reelecting Bill. As if she doesn't have a brain of her own. And these are the Democrats. Sigh.

I'm a delegate for Hillary as well -- in our precinct we ended up drawing lots for our last 2 delegates because there was a tie between Obama, Clinton and uncommitted. Clinton and uncommitted took the final 2 delegates.

I think my next caucus/convention/whatever isn't until April, though. Different legislative districts and counties, I guess. Given the numbers for Hillary, I doubt we'll both make it as far as the state convention in Spokane -- but it woulda been fun!

Barbara Clements said...

Very funny. Gestin is a delegate (for Hilary too). Although I think you're right, we're toast once we get past the next level.

I think the funniest thing when declaring who I would support is the LBGT designation. ??? J. pointed this out to me and asked about it, and no one in our group knew, until someone told us it meant Lesbian, Bi, Gay or Transsexual designation.

Only in the demo party!


Barbara Clements said...

Oh, and yes, we go to the next meeting in April. The Obamaites are driving (we're all carpooling) and they promise to drop us Clintonites off on the right place.

On the last comment, I kidded J. and said "should I check Transsexual" just for grins?

"Not if you want to continue being my mother," she retorted. No sense of humor, this girl.

MommyCheryl said...

LOL. I was trying to get everyone to check the LGBT box so we could create the notion that Milton is a hotbed of gay life. "The San Francisco of the Northwest!" Alas, no one would play along.

But yes, WTF???? Why in the heck was that a question?? Same with race, really? It was just weird and it made me chuckle watching people try to figure out what it meant and whether to check it or not.

Barbara Clements said...

Didn't you read the stranger (or maybe the weekly), KENT is the hotbed for gay life in King County.

Really? HEre I was living in a cool, hip place and didn't even know.