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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of school

And as usual, not much to say.

Each class was 15 minutes long (because the freshmen had the run of the place in the am) and then practice went long (I was late, so it worked out).

A couple of the moms on Facebook said they sniffled as their darl'n daughters or cherished sons left for school. Um, I was ecstatic and can't wait til she's taking herself to school via her own car.

She threatened she'd disown me if I made a scene the first day of school anyway, so it's just as well that the sentimentality faded in about 7th grade.


Julie said...

Are you in Kent? School looks like it is starting on Tuesday Sept. 15th. Thank God. I found you somehow, through a tweetup online list or something. I love your posts...funny!

Julie Collinge
Kent (mom of 13yr old/10yr old girls)

Barbara Clements said...

Prob on twitter?

I'm thinking I'm following you. But yes, I live in Kent, although Jennifer goes to the Auburn School District because when the private school she attended (Thomas Academy) went belly up, she ended up at Cascade Middle School, and then because ALL her friends were going to ASH, there she went as well.

She's in the honors program and enjoys the school, tho you have to be involved to make things work( which is prob. true of any school).

Where do your kids go to school?