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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September, my own personal new year

And my daughter's too of course.

She becomes a sophomore in high school next week. She'll get her driver's license, prob. get a job and start looking for colleges. In other words, growing up and out of the house. Three more years, she's off to college, two more years, she's considered technically an adult. I stress the word technically.

So in the next year, I'm going to write every day here, before I wrap up this blog for good. Alien Nation started 3 years ago when she was a tween, and just testing out her snarkiness and growing into the woman she will become and in many ways, is.

I might start a new blog once she turns 17, tho gawd knows what I'll call it. But she'll be a little more human and a little less alien at that age I think. I hope.

Meanwhile, I plan to publish this in a book and give it to her on her 17th b-day. I'm wondering what she'll think of my musings, some she knows about, and others she does not. Then I read this New York Times piece about memoirs and kids getting pissed. Of course this piece deals with a mom writing about her son's drug addiction. I don't think I'll be writing about that.

Well, I hope she doesn't have that reaction when I hand her the book (self published of course). We'll see.

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