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Friday, October 16, 2009

Guys are weird, Part V1

"Mom, guys are so weird."

I guess I'll have to turn the radio off more often, as it seems to encourage my daughter to talk more on the way to school. At any rate, I said yes, and it really doesn't get any better. After knowing Gary for 25 years, yes, he still does stuff that surprises me, pleases me, annoys me or has me scratching my head. I told her this and asked her then, what was she referring to?

"Well, Anthony still wants to go out with me, Eddie has told me that he likes me, but has asked another girl to homecoming and I think Gunther's bf wants us to get together more than either Gunther and I do."

So, in other words, the Anthony that wantsyouwantsyou, until of course you're his girlfriend is back texting you, Eddie, who wants you as long as you're unavailable is now cooling, and Gunther, well, you're still texting him,but not as a potential boyfriend?

"Yes, that sums it up."

I told here there are some guys that like the chase, more than the actual girl, and it seems like she might have two of those in this mix. And besides, Anthony's mom seems WAY too involved in his dating life, I'd stay away.

"No shit! What is it with parents?"

I don't her I didn't know. Now if she brought a potential drug czar home, yes, I'd probably step in front and center, but as far as I can recall, my parents stayed out of my dating life, with the exception of telling me I couldn't bring boys back to my room and close the door (a policy I've now instituted with J, even tho she hates it as much as I did).

As for the guys that like the chase, more than the girl, stay away from those. I just attended by 30 year reunion from high school. Some of them never grow out of that.

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