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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lost in translation

"Mom, where is he!!!"

"Where's who?"

"Dad, he's not here,and they are closing down the gym and shutting off the lights!"

Taking the phone away from my ear, I flashed on two things. Gary would never just leave Jennifer at her volleyball game (I'd just gotten home from work when I got this annoyed, panicked call), so he must be a. dead, b. mugged in the parking lot and almost dead or c. passed out in the bathroom from a heart attack and almost dead.

So I told Jennifer I'd be there in a bit, and called Gary on his cell. If he didn't pick up, I'd be dialing 911 next.


"Where are you"

"I'm waiting for Jennifer's bus to drop her off at AHS"

What no one bothered to tell Gary was was there was no bus today and the kids had to get home on their own.

Again I was holding the phone away from my ear as he started to swear. Apparently both then blamed the other when they met back at the neighboring school's gym and started to yell....followed by sullen silence. She stalked back to her room when they got home, and Gary harrumphed around the kitchen, making himself a sandwich.

Eventually he apologized, but Jennifer wasn't in the mood. Unf. they both have to have the last word and both aren't nec. the best as saying they are sorry. As I finally told them separately, hey, it was a mix up, not intentional, move on.

But there will be a next time, for both of them, unf. They are both too much alike, too temperamental and did I mention both like to have the last word?

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