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Saturday, April 5, 2008

So What Does the Dalai Lama Do All Day?

Besides makes speeches and appear calm.

That was sort of the gist of J.'s question to me as she perused the paper on the Dalai Lama arriving this week in Seattle.

"Well, he's a holy man, a leader of his people in Tibet," I started.

"Yeah, but what does he do," J. asked.

"He was chased out of Tibet by Chinese troops in the 50s, been in exhile since, and has been a voice of peace and also resistance to his people."

Try two didn't take much either. This is truly an age where being famous is more linked to what movies you've made, or had made about you, Oscars won, records cut, winning.


Angela's mom said...

Of course, he spends all day singing "Hello Dalai." Sorry, couldn't resist.

BTW, the spousal unit is photographing his holiness on Thursday for NBC. Cool.

Barbara Clements said...


Very cool! You'll have to show me some of his work (john's, not the DL.)


Anonymous said...

You guys are all weird, have no lives, and shouldn't care about the Dalai Lama!