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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Don't mess with the nice doctor the first time you meet her, please

That was what was going through my mind as Jennifer, dressed in those wonderful open backed robes, sat on the table, while her new doc (a woman and my current doc) grilled on any sexual activity (no), bulimia (no), drugs (no), alcohol (no) and her general habits.

I could tell by the look on my daughter face that she was thinking of fessing up to it all, just to get Debra to stop. This was for the sports physical that all athletes have to have every year and Jennifer REFUSED this time to go to Pediatrics NW.

"All there are are kids and babies there!" And she has a man doc. A nice one mind you. But a man nonetheless. And Jennifer wasn't going to put up answering questions about pubic hair and sexual activity from him.

So we switched to my doc. And hence the grilling yesterday.

"What, exactly, did she expect me to say in front of you," Jennifer asked later, after getting a cervical cancer vaccine shot (I've given up telling Jennifer that she's through with shots. Every time I say that, they come up with another).

"I was about ready to say, yes, I puke after every meal, is there a problem with that?" Jennifer grinned.

Since Debra is such a nice lady and a good doc, I'm glad she didn't. But I can see Jennifer's point.


MommyCheryl said...

It's funny -- I was thinking the same thing about her answers to such questions in mom's presence.

Who was her Peds NW doc? We're going to have the same problem as the boys see a wonderful but female Peds NW doc. Sigh. What were we thinking?

MommyCheryl said...

Oh, and I'm also reminded of the clueless doc I saw when I was a teenager. Basically he wouldn't do a pelvic exam until I told him I was sexually active. Yeah. That's the first person I'm going to call -- the doctor my mother took me to... Fortunately, I had to see a female doctor in the practice at one point and when I told her I'd never had a pelvic because I wasn't sexually active and she chuckled and said something along the lines of "that you're going to tel us about with your mom in the next room." Smart woman.

Barbara Clements said...

When I mentioned to Jennifer that Debra MIGHT want to check out her privates, she got that stubborn look and said NO WAY. Fine, but at some point, we all have to deal with a pap smear. Be glad it will be a woman doc, and not a man doc like I had to suffer through (he didn't even warm up the probe).

The Peds NW doc is Dr. Richard Ory. VERY nice guy and I'd highly recommend him, unless you have a 14 year old daughter. BC

MommyCheryl said...

I think we've actually seen Dr. Ory one time when the boys were sick and we couldn't get in to Dr. Rodriguez. He is very nice -- but then, with the exception of one of the specialists (oh, and the circumcision king of Pierce County) I've been impressed with everyone we've seen at Peds NW.

I used to be much less comfortable with ye olde pap smear. But after 2.5 years of infertility treatments, a twin pregnancy and childbirth it sort of feels like they might as well offer guided tours of my nether regions. In fact, I think at one point they actually might have. Hmm.

But the good news is that with her HPV vaccine, J should have to endure far fewer "procedures" down south than we had to. And have almost no chance of cervical cancer. How sweet is that???

Barbara Clements said...

Since 14 year olds feel they are immortal, the idea of a vaccine for cervical cancer is off the reservation for her. She just doesn't see the point.

I think the first time she gets a pap smear (can't remember the first time I had mine) will be ...a shock for her. Remember, thsi is the girl that wont' allow me to see her naked anymore.

You're right, after a bit, it's like, fine, I'll spread my legs, whatever, just warm up the damn thing before you insert please.