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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stevie who?

That was about the response from Jennifer, as Gary and I proudly told her this week we were taking her to a Stevie Wonder concert out at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn.

We had an extra ticket. Did she want to take a friend?

"None of them know who Stevie Wonder is, or care. It's only the old people that go and see him anymore. I don't have to go, do I?"

Well, since we already bought the ticket, yes you do.

While standing in line last night, waiting for the gates to open, Jennifer was taking stock of the line demographics.

"See, what did I tell you? Old. And white. What is with that? Didn't you say he was black? What songs does he sing again? Can I at least get some food?"

This stream of consciousness went on until we got inside the gate, and purchased her some $4 bottled water and a $8 hamburger. Once the concert began, fashionably late at 8:30 pm, some of the old folks, in the racially diverse crowd (she finally saw some folks who weren't white) began to dance, vigorously, in the grass, where we were, as well as in the stands.

Jennifer glared: Don't you dare.

I admit, it looked as if some of the dancers were going to drop of exhaustion before the end of the night, or hit someone in the face with their gyrating arms. It was mostly jazz and his new stuff, but toward the end, his golden oldies came out. And then Jennifer didn't want to leave, even when Gary and I threatened to dance.

She also started receiving texts from outraged friends who realized that she did have a ticket to the sold out concert, they loved Stevie and why didn't she invite them!


MommyCheryl said...

Isn't she lovely? I mean, the sunshine of your life, right? OK. I'll stop now. That's so funny -- though I don't know how much of the new stuff I'd have been digging, even J's generation has to get the pure joy of listening to songs like "Superstition" and "I Wish" or the king of all "Sir Duke."

Must have been weird for her to realize someone her ancient parents like is actually A. pretty cool and B. someone her friends like, too. LOL

Barbara Clements said...

She actually had fun watching the people too.

There were some 20 somethings gyrating wildly in front of us (I thought they were going to give themselves a stroke) and a couple next to us, older, dancing, plus a Don Juan, who kept dancing over, trying to flirt with these 2 women. I think they sent him packing, but Jennifer couldnt' believe it.

Especially when he shimmied over again, trying to flirt again.