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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Do you think I'm fat?

It's a question that sometimes I'm a whisker from asking Jennifer. And then I stop. What type of message does that send to her? (who now won't even tell me her weight - she's fine a size 2 and all - but still)

After my last pregnancy at about 38, my metabolism must have done a nose dive, because the pounds came on, and now I have about 30 to lose. Started Weight Watchers last week, and lost about a pound and half, so only 28.5 more to go. However, I try to keep the fussing about my weight to a minimum around Jennifer. The only time I'll get close to that question is if the clothes look okay, or "how do I look?" and then brace myself for the always honest answer only a 14 year old can give.

I am pleased that Jennifer has all shapes and sizes of friends, so what someone weighs doesn't seem to be an issue with her, in fact, she thinks a few of her friends could stand to gain some weight. So through these years, I'll just have to keep my neurosis to myself.

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