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Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer try outs, and work

I'm really annoyed at J's summer try out sked (for b-ball and volleyball) or more specifically, the coaches that set them up in the first place. All of them have the so convenient hours of 9-12 or 2-4 or my all time fav, 9-10:30 am. Okay, since I do have to show up at work sometime during the summer, I have to ask, do these coaches really expect at least one stay at home parent in the household?


MommyCheryl said...

Actually, you're just supposed to be on THEIR schedule. Which means you have the summer off, right?

J is at the worst age for this stuff. Too old for a nanny, too young to be completely independent.

Barbara Clements said...

It depends on which coach you get.

The soccer coach, with unf. Jennifer chose not to join, was very hakuna matata. Come if you can, family comes first.

The volley ball coach, which she did join is be there or be kicked off the team. She sent a letter to emphasize that fact.

the b-ball coach is a good guy, but unf. under his sked, it's impossible to take any vacation this summer, much less, make it to work at a predictable time. Fortunately my boss is okay with this, I just hate having to come in late all the time, with the promise I'll make it up later.