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Sunday, June 1, 2008

High School, the final choice

It looks as if J is going to Auburn Senior High School. She's registered (and they didn't lose it, not once) and she's waivered and in the honors program.

It came down to where the majority of her friends were going AND (before you start pelting me with snarky comments about being the adult) checking out the honors program. You must understand she's in a school that is now a bit in the hood, and has great honors program. And she's thrived, and found a good set of friends that we'd hope she'd group up with three years ago when Thomas Academy closed, and scattered her friends (then) to the four winds.

So there it is. I do plan to at least talk to her biology and math teacher, and maybe lit, and check out how enthusiastic they are about their jobs. But for now, the decision's been made, and she's signing up for the sports teams as we speak.


MommyCheryl said...

I think it's a fabulous decision. Seriously. You thought about it. You weighed options and you made an informed decision.

I really think that if she's got a good group of friends you trust (as much as one can trust any teenagers ;-) ) and good honors classes, she'll thrive.

Attitude is 90 percent of high school. She's going in grateful to have been allowed to stay with her friends as opposed to bitter and resentful.

Barbara Clements said...

Thanks for your support. To say this was agonizing was a bit of an understatement.

I guess it came down to not just her BF was going to ASH (her waiver was approved as well), but her entire class, with the exception of about 3 kids she really doesn't hang around with, are going to ASH, not AMV.

And she's on the honors track (I'm sure her counselor is getting tired of me already at ASH. I'm sure I have helicopter mom penciled in by my name).

I'm going to try and meet the teachers in some key classes she'll have, and unless all of them are totally losers (just counting the days until retirement) and I don't think this will be the's a go.

And just in case, she's still registered at AMV too.


fashi0niztah said...

wow, your daughter sounds really cool. She's an honor student, an athlete, plus popular with both genders!! :)