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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Feeling small in a big school

I had a strange sense of deja vous as I walked through Auburn High School to check on my daughter's classes (make sure she's on the honors track) and to meet her counselor (A-C), and make sure that her teachers aren't just phoning in the lessons until they can retire.

Happily I can report, she's in the honors system (the computer hasn't magically transferred her to auto shop 101, although come to think of it, that wouldn't be all bad), she's in the French class she wants, and her counselor, Michaela, is a very cool woman, and assured me, the honors teachers are top notch. Michaela will also be one of J's volley ball coaches this fall, so I got a good read on that program as well.

But as I walked through the halls on the way to her office, I felt like a dwarf. Here were all these 6 foot something boys, towering through the halls, almost casting a shadow from the florescent lights overhead.

One of these walking redwoods took me to Michaela's office, and had a stream of consciousness conversation he tossed over his shoulder about how much he liked the school and how much he hates Auburn Moutainview (I can see the rivalry will be strong here.)

As we picked our way through the halls, I noticed a mosaic of old gum had formed on the concrete outside. From earlier this year, or has been been a buildup through the millennium?

I had a good feeling when I left, but it pretty much evaporated, when I went to the PTSA meeting the next morning to meet the disapproving stares of my fellow board members, who of course, were there early and I, as usual, was late.

Both their sons are going to Mountainview, and they made it clear to me (non verbally) that they thought I'd failed my daughter and wimped out. All my well reasoned explanations, I could tell, weren't going anywhere with them.

I told J. about this little stare down later, and she pondered for a second.

"Well, they can kiss my ass," she said, before asking if I had any spare change for lunch money.

Okay, not going to have to worry much about the doormat issue. (see earlier post). I just asked J. to please not share her opinions with the board or the board's sons.

Of course, since I'm not going to cross tracks with either woman again, why should I care?

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