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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

She actually put an item back

I really couldn't believe my eyes, when my "I have to spend it now" daughter decided , on her own, to return a $6 bath wash at WalMart, saying "I guess we really don't need this."

I'd just put my spendaholic family on notice that we were going to have to go on a monthly budget, all the bills paid based on all the $$ coming in for the month, and then we take out food (up from $100 a week to $130) and gas (up from $60 a week to $100) will be factored in to. We play with what's left. This includes $10 a week for allowance for J., a $30 a week entertainment budget and 10 percent for charities.

Apparently, she was listening. I'm amazed.


MommyCheryl said...

Ouch. The whole money thing is so tough with kids. It sounds like you're dong something right in that department -- but it can't be easy at any age.

Barbara Clements said...

Well, she does seem to "get it." She put something back at the store just now, again a $6 frou frou soap item.

I think it helps if she goes over the checkbook with me while paying the bills, so we can hear that sucking sound together.

At the same time, if she puts a little bit away, each time in her account, she can actually see it grow (if she doesn't spend it on a Abercrombie shirt first).