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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to quit, or fail victoriously

Again, instead of tuning into ER this morning before we headed off for school, we watched GMA about how Hillary will graciously say, "I tried my best, but no nomination for me."

"He should make her vp," J. commented.

I agree with that, although I'm not sure how either Obama's wife or either candidate would work that. Sometimes the public testy face is not what's really happening behinds the scenes, as a former political reporter, I know that.

I still think he should put her on the Supreme Court, or make her the next defacto nominee to the SC.

I'm glad J's watched this with such intensity. Hillary has given her a role model for sticking to her guns, believing in herself (even as the pundits throw mud at her), and doing her best, even tho it didn't end up with the nomination.

Maybe it will help J deal with the inevitable rejection we all feel in life, from trying out for the team, applying for college, applying for a job, et al. It's important you follow your passion , even tho the answer isn't always pleasant at the other end.

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