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Monday, June 16, 2008

Need to make a painful phonecall

Apparently the end-of-the school party went okay, as did the sleepover.

However, I need to make a painful phonecall to the mom who had the party at her house.

While she was bouncing around on Saturday, talking about said party, J. made the comment that some of the adults seemed to be drunk. Okay, I'm not a prude. I knew that there would be wine and beer there (for the adults of course) but the fact that some imbibed so much that the kids noticed had me steamed.

I asked if the mom or dad who lived at the house seemed drunk, and she said no. Okay fine. But still, the adults are supposed to be there as monitors and role models in my book. And I'm well aware by making this call, that J. might not get invited to a party out at this house again.

Crap, I didn't think I'd have to deal with this until next year. Okay, dialing now.

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Barbara Clements said...

Okay, never made the phone call, because I took my car to the Honda dealership and they threw out the trash, which was kind, but not helpful. I had planned to dig the party invite out to call when I wrote this post.

So I talked to J. again, asking her what she really saw. Nothing apparently. She had just heard kids talking about some neighbors who had walked over, and walked home, thankfully, to the party, that appeared to have one too many.

I'll bring it up, casually, with Chandler's mom, next I see her. But now I'm wondering what really happened.