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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Missed moments and man whores

This will probably mean public service ads for a week, or a jump in hits, as the pervs start looking for alien sex. But oh well.

Just back from a staff retreat, and it's cost me dearly. J had her honors class assembly on Thursday night (first night of a be-there-or-be-dead retreat at work), and then her first (and last dance) at her middle school, and then she went out on the town with the girls (sex in the city style). Difference being, of course, that dad was in tow to all of these events.

Unf. I missed both. But I did get back today, and off to dinner we went. I'm kidding her that since she's going to a rowdier school, expect mom and dad to show up at all the events, including dances at the school.

She gives us a horrified look. Threatens to go goth if we do. Too bad, we let you go to ASH, we're going to be there.

"You don't trust me."

Actually, we do. It's some of the fringe elements of the school we plan to keep an eye on.

"There are more sluts and man whores at AMV than ASH" she protests.

I don't even want to ask the definition of that last term. But still, we're going to be hanging around ASH quite a bit. You don't get a vote in this.

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