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Monday, June 2, 2008

The blame game, Sex in the City style

J.'s not allowed to take her friends with us to see movies anymore if they are R-rated.

Not after the fiasco this weekend. J. and Gary were going to to go up and watch a soccer match this Saturday, after frankly, I wish they had.

They decided to go to Sex in the City instead, so I tagged along, as did one of J's closest friends, Ashley. Now I remember asking the mom "you've seen sex in the city, right? You know what the episodes, and probably, the movie will be like, right? And you're okay with this?" She was.

We met the dad, getting ready to pick up the kids for the weekend on the way out. We told him where we were going, and invited him to come along. Dismissing it as a chick flick, he declined.

So off we went. And I admit, some parts were pretty risque, even for me. But overall, I thought the messaging of the movie was pretty tame (stick by your man, remain in a committed relationship, etc.)

Three hours later, we arrive to drop off friend, and there is dad waiting on the porch, saying he didn't realize we were taking her to an R movie or one that is was so "morally bankrupt." Gary and I were so shocked, we didn't say anything, which is probably just as well. We want to keep the friendship intact between the girls. We did a slow burn on the way home.

I resisted pointing out that said friend had just been to a horror movie(not with us, we hate those films). Did he realize his daughter had seen Juno? I'm not sure if it's R or not, but it does have some pretty revealing scenes, not to mention the long-distance guys jogging by in closeup. And no, the camera is not on their faces.

Even my mom, who doesn't like the fact I take J to R-rated movies was annoyed we seemed to be given the roles at the bad guys in this little episode.

But, at any rate, to keep peace with all parties involved, the friends are banned from R movies from now on. We'll try to keep the moral bankruptness to ourselves.

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fashi0niztah said...

no wonder ure daughter is so cool! ure a cool mom too! i mean, the teacher's tolerant of tardiness, so u take ur daughter to starbucks! u talk with her freely. u trust her to be mature to take her to r-rated movies. u even take her shopping every weekend. wow