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Friday, June 20, 2008

How did I end up as the chaperone?

At the last minute this week, J. comes to me with a request. A group of about 16 kids, guys and gals, were going on a limo ride to Alki Beach, could she go?

First reaction was no, but I decided to talk to Roxanne, the mom organizing the trip and the mom of Brad, not a close friend of J's , but a close friend of Sean and Jimmy, who J is close to (six degrees of separation kicking in here).

So I said she could go if I acted as unofficial chaperone, and met them at Alki, to make sure the bus driver was on the up and up. Apparently, many parents had the same fears, and kept saying how grateful they were that I was tagging along. I figure I can use these mommy chits later when I begging rides home for J at Auburn High School.

Only 365 more days until she gets her driver's license.

The kids as it turned out, where fine. The mini bus/van had music, hardwood floors and a pole for pole dancing (the boys, oddly enough took advantage of this. yes, they kept their clothes on).

The trip to Alki was a bit brf and the busdriver was amazed that the kids tossed off their shoes and headed straight into the water. (umm, what did you expect them to do?) He then tried to get a shot of them forming a pyramid, and they kept laughing and giggling, until he told them to be quiet, actually, to shut up, then shot a worried look at me.

"Look, they are 14, they talk like a bunch of crows, you have to bark at them to get silence," I said.

Then on Dicks, Coldstone and finally Game Farm Park in Auburn. Happy grad. from 8th grade J. On to 9th grade in about 90 days.

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