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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trapped in jury duty hell

But my family, especially J. doesn't really care.

All they want to know is if I'll be able to do pickup and dropoff until the last day of school, sometime around June 20th.

I've been sitting in this jury room in the King County Courthouse all day, and what was once a room full of 250 people is now down to the bitter 35, including me. It's for a medical malpractice, sexual abuse trial (I think) that I had the unfortunate fate, NOT to pay attention to awhile back. You think with two news junkies in the house, one working for KOMO, this would have caught our attention.

I can only hope that with my bro being a doc, once considering suing on med. malpractice myself, and having a cousin who is a teacher, and recognizing one of the attorneys, (from my old courthouse days) will be my ticket to freedom.

Otherwise I'm here for the next month.But again, neither J. nor Gary care. They were just relieved that I don't have to be here until 9 am, which means the mom taxi will remain intact.

What sweethearts.

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Barbara Clements said...

As it turns out, I took at pass on jury duty until January. I'm sure I"ll be hearing from them, since as far as I can tell, it's mainly retirees, the unemployed and the homeless on juries these days.