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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Manson, The Musical

J. stayed home from school yesterday (it was teachers' training day - and for those that missed the punishment this weekend, they were scraping gum off the bottom of desks on monday).

So she wanted to rent a few classics from the songs she heard at the symphony this weekend, and no, she wanted to go, I didn't have to drag her. We struck out on Casablanca, so we settled for West Side Story and Schindler's List. Gary was a bit worried about the latter, and wondered if she should hold off until we could watch it with her - although I'm a little unsure what I'd say about the scene where the girl in the red dress, now dead, is thrown into a pile of bodies being burned. "Gee, that didn't happen in real life?"

She ended up watching both shows by herself anyway. Apparently, not much angst on SL, but when I started asking her about West Side Story, it was a different story. I could feel the angst(mine) bubbling up as she started describing what happened after she watched WSS.

She first was interested in Natalie Wood, so googled her, and found out, she died young of drowning, then she went after Richard Beymer, who played Tony. Guy didn't have much of a dating life, but did date, for a few short months, Sharon Tate. Who's that, J. wonders.

So she wikipedia's Tate, and of course finds out how she died and who slashed her to death (8 months pregnant), so now she's wikiing Manson. And the whole entire clan. She then started to ask what Manson wanted to accomplish by all this (race war), his inspiration (Helter Skelter), and where he is now. (alive, in prison).

Well **&^. No more Rodgers and Hammerstein for you.

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