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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another reason why I'm glad Hillary didn't quit

Put quite nicely in this Washington Post opinion page piece. J. and I were also reading down the Seattle Times article this am, and to this one, we say amen. A similar article also appeared in the New York Times.

Or better yet, as the Washington Post wondered Wednesday, how about Justice Hillary?


Mom2C&B said...

Yes! I saw the SeaX article this morning and thought it pretty well summed up how I feel about the whole Hil issue, but I don't think it spoke enough about how RUDE the Obama people have been to us Hilarians (my new term). I am so hurt by the women who have lost sight of the significance of her candidacy and how smart, capable and hard working she is. It's so typical - a woman has to work twice as hard and be twice as talented to get half the recognition. Up pops a shiny beauty boy and everyone swoons. "He's so cuuuute!" But what has he done?? And now I think he's sexist given some recent behavior (how he jumped in and not let his wife answer reporters' questions and the "sweetie" comment). Ugh.

Barbara Clements said...

As a fellow Hillarian (as is my daughter), I agree. So..damn..rude. As I've said before, if I have to vote for Obama, I will, but it's his followers I worry about..drinking too much of the kool aid and all that.

Again, I refer back to the great essay in the post, again today, that states this sets Hillary up to run again in 2012 and be unstoppable, since she's shown now that she's not a quitter.

And it's a good role model for my daughter - not to quit when you believe you are right. I pointed out the film Amazing Grace, which in fact noted it took 15 years for the anti-slavery group to get the laws changed in England.