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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hang in There Hillary

As we were watching election returns Tuesday night, J. kept having me drag the cursor over Indiana (cool NYT gizmo). News was good, until we came to the Gary, Ind. area. Not so good.

Hillary ended up winning the state, of course, but barely. But still J. and I are watching GMA every morning to see the update on whether Hillary's staying in the race or not. I'm not hopeful she's going to pull this nomination out of a hat, and I'll vote for Obama, even tho his supporters are rude, superior, jerks. But I'm glad Hillary is staying in.

It shows J. that even tho the going is rough, you should stick to what you believe and believe in yourself. It's showing her to push through, stay tough and embrace your inner biach. Go Hillary.

As an update on Monday, May 12, at least this one Newsweek pundit seems to agree with me.

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