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Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm not asking you to pole dance

But you would have thought so from the look at J.'s face, when I suggested she try pasties to cover up her nipples for a strapless (well, practically) gown she's wearing this Friday for her big part as the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella.


Okay, well fine, just go without. There's enough material in front so nothing will show.

"What if I bend over! And we don't go bra less in 8th grade."

Hmm, what would Gloria Steinem say?

So that explains while I've spent the better part of two hours going through the Tacoma Mall looking for a strapless bra, size 34 A. I've decided that the bra manufacturers don't exactly have J's demographic in mind when they make strapless bras. Neither do the pasty company's either. Most are in C or D.

As I'm about ready to walk out of the JC Penneys with a $12 pastie set (practicing my lines to my appalled daughter tonight), the saleswoman stops me and says she thinks she has the answer. Apparently the winner of "American Inventor" came up with a 12-in-one bra that comes in 34 A and does swing low enough so you can't see the strap in the back or the boobs in the front.

Fine, done. And as I fork out the $26.50 for this modern wonder, I'm again practicing lines.

It's either this, or au natureal.

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