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Saturday, May 24, 2008

She did it!!

I think my fingers were crossed so hard last night, my knuckles hurt.

J. had to in Fairy Godmother garb, go out and start off the Cascade Middle School version of Cinderella by singing "Impossible" all alone in the spotlight, and then with a swish of her wand, start the play.

She didn't forget her lines, her voices was fine, had had trouble making an exit through the curtain once (but covered well) and even one of her friend's snarky brother thought she was good (maybe just noticed she was cute.)

There were a couple fun additions, gay men who wanted to be with prince charming, cells phone pics for gossiping, high fives (with knuckles) and a five-foot king and a 6' 4'' prince charming, who had a long lip lock with Cinderella at one point.

"What was that about?" I asked.

"Oh, that's just emma (cinderella) trying to piss off her uber religious family," J. said.


And the second night, with a different Cinderella and again, a long lip lock? That was the boy trying to piss off the girl, she said.

Anyway, nice job all. Now, I just have to separate J. from the poofy dress that she somehow wants to keep (promised it to the school). It's going to the school, feathers and all.

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