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Friday, November 27, 2009

Off to the races

Jennifer was just determined to go hit the stores early today. She wanted to do the 3 am madness, but I talked her into 5:30 am madness,and then, after not getting asleep until 3 am (must have been reg. coffee?) I begged for an extra hour or so of sleep when she went bounding out of her bedroom like a kid on Christmas morn.

Annoyed, she went back to sleep. But I could hear her counting the minutes, so at 6:30, I gave up and told her to get ready. We were at the mall by 7:30, so no doorbuster gifts for us, but at least the parking gods were kind, and we found slots easily, and managed to avoid the horrific Kohls' check out line, but purchasing a single piece of jewelry and then sitting in that line for 10 minutes instead of 60.

Nordies Rack for a pair of my shoes, and then she picked up something at Macy's (shoes again), and then home. And bed again.

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