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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Studying Chemistry huh?

My daughter had gone home with a friend last night, and about 6 pm, asked me to call her dad (her phone had died), to pick her up later. She and Ashley were in the midst of studying their chemistry homework and didn't want to break the flow.

I was monitoring a memorial services at PLU for the four slain police officers, so I "sure, fine, whatevered" her off the phone, and then dialed Gary. He was just pulling in Ashley's driveway and was in no mood to come back. What he did find when he knocked was that the girls were indeed studying chemistry, but not one she was going to have to pass to get an A in that class. Two boys had dropped by. They were chatting in the living room, and the chemistry books were forgotten in the kitchen.

Gary was so pissed he wanted to ground her and called (again interrupting the prayer service) to see what i thought. I hissed through the phone to ground her if he must, and give her a lecture on lying (if it's boys, say so) but I had to go.

He called back again to say he planned to jerk her chain, pretend she was grounded and then let her off the hook...this time. Fine, whatever..I'm about ready to ground you both or block you if you call again.

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