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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Being the bad guy, or gal

I'm always delighted when Jennifer finds a ride home through a friend, or via a bus route, and I don't have to do the mad dash from PLU to the coffee shop where she sits for a few hours until I can get to her (at least I don't have to worry about day care fines anymore).

But when she casually mentioned last night she had a ride home (great!) but that it was with Ryan (hmm, not so great), I first said fine, but then realized, I hadn't met the guy. And the more I thought about it, the more concerned I became. I'm sure he's totally nice and a good boy, but again, I hadn't met him to take a read, and while I doubt he would zoom down Auburn Way North toward our home at 80 mph, but I didn't know that for sure. He's 17, and has his own car ( this will all go away when J gets her own, sometime next month I hope).

Anyway, back to the ride home. After some thought, and kicking myself, I had to tell her no. If ANYTHING should happen, I would kick myself, and I'd hate to think about the tongue lashing I'd get from my hubby, who is a bit edgy about a boy he does know driving her home.

So I reversed myself, which was worse than saying no in the first place. Needless to say, the ride to school was a bit chilly this am, and it had nothing to do with the freezing temps outside. Even Starbucks didn't warm her up.

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