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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sick day to be with ailing friend

I learned that Gary had already said "no", so I wasn't going to countermand that.

But Jennifer's friend Jordan was having knee surgery today, and wanted Jennifer to come with her to the hospital and then home for support. She had already missed some school of late, with doctor's appointments and all, and so Gary put the nix on that. I found out this am and it gave me pause.

It probably took a lot for Jordan to ask that, and she'd asked another friend, whose parents had also said "no." And as for a support system, sometimes I get the feeling it's not necessarily there for Jordan from her parents. The weekend fiasco where Jordan was supposed to go away with us for a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge, only to show up the next day late, because the parents seemed incapable of finding the place, or going down the freeway at 30 mph (we couldn't figure out which), seemed to prove that.

So the next best thing transpired. J's going home with another friend, who lives near jordan's house and they'll walk over together in the pm to cheer her up. But still, I wish Jordan had had a friend to go with her to the hospital.

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