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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stop playing like that

That order came from my mother on Sunday, as we gathered to celebrate a belated christmas at her house.

My daughter and I sometimes wrestle and poke and even faux slap at each other, and yes, sometimes throw food at each other, laughing all the while. But it obv. bothered my mom, who told us to knock it off. The final time, I could tell it really did bother we looked at each other and then stopped.

"It really did bother her," jennifer said later. I agree, and I have no idea why. Sometimes my dad and I would wrestle like that, laughing all the while. Until he started using some military style moves on me, where I'd just say forget it, and run.

But we were both laughing all the while. I guess in some ways, mom was not the playful sort.

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