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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Girls' night out

Jennifer and I have started a new tradition - as of this year.

The one thing we're both mulling over tho, it whether to invite dad to the party.

We had a great time in Seattle last night - despite the COLD weather, flitting from shop to shop, buying up trinkets that caught our eye (although I said no the $350 ring at Ben Bridge she had her eye on) and then noshing at our favorite nordstrom's restaurant. Then off to the Christmas Concert at Benaroya Hall, with PLU's Choir of the West.

Great evening. And we plan a repeat next year, maybe with sensible shoes this time. And a packet of $1 bills for the homeless, the street musicians, the homeless selling newspapers, $ for the carausel, and money for the homemade donuts and roasted chestnuts (they don't take visa or mastercard).

If we hit seattle earlier in the day, we may even take in a movie.

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